Inspired by real scientific research on finance bubbles. We belive in being cautious towards the big banks and lending institutions and their dogmas and predictions. To be curious about the nature of money, credit and society. And to remember that money is a social technology, created by humans, that should be applied to the benefit of all. In our board game we investigate the psychological aspects of the marketplace.


Equity is a challenging table top board game that is competitive, social, fun and filled with strategic choices and surprising outcomes!

Equity is a brand new board game inspired by research on how finance bubbles are created and the psychology behind them. It's played by 3 to 6 players from 12 years up. Each game lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.


Equity is a fast paced game where all players are involved in every turn of the game. There is only one game piece moving around the board keeping track of progress. The core of the gameplay is auctions of stocks and works of art, with bonus opportunities for the winner of every auction. Challenging the players to a balancing act between price setting and risk taking.

One of the inspirations of the game is the clinical psychological research on bubble formation by economist Vernon Smith, where players are bidding against each other selling and buying fictive stocks in a open information market. In our board game we have couppled this test with elements of chance and face to face negotiations. Creating a set of rules in witch players are encouraged to be creative and social in fighting their way to ultimately beeing crowned as the winner.


We aim to create a game that can help the players to understand more about economic functions, learn certain financial terms and consider how value is beeing created within a social system. It will be a crossover between an art project and a commercial product.

Equity has been thoroughly tested and we have executed more than 70 focus groups, changing the gameplay as we recieve feedback from players. The first edition was released in 2016 in a limited edition of only 220 games.


The game will be self published in a classic wooden box with wooden dice, custom made game pieces. The board and cards are printed on quality cardboard to make a lasting, durable and decorative game with high replaying value.


The game is made available through its own webpage: www.equityboardgame.com and marketed online on social media, board game sites and on chosen youtube channels. Initially we will approach relevant retail stores in Norway to test the market. Utilizing the crossover nature of the game we also plan to visit game conventions, art book fairs and various seasonal markets with our product .


The rules are in English , Norwegian and German.


The graphics is designed in collaboration with illustrator and tattoo artist Alexander Trowell .